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They're really good this year, aren't they? He's eating an apple. Michelle, Can you help me clean things up before we go? I have no appetite. She asked him if he was Joseph. How many pencils do you have? The moon is already out. Let's take a picture here. I'd say tomorrow that one's better. Can you see that small house?
Monster High Nds: - I don't remember where I put my key.
- Did you see anybody there?
- Where's the closest restaurant?
- She needed someone who would understand her.
- She learned to ride a bicycle last year.
- Why is the train late?
- With a little more patience, you would have succeeded.
- You must be back before ten.
- I'm sorry, but I don't understand English well.
- I wish the subway wasn't so crowded every morning.
Can you play the piano? Dreams come true. It is raining worse than ever. Sorry, he's with a patient right now. It's probably going to be about another 30 minutes. Would you mind waiting a little longer? Don't let me down like you did the other day. Nancy wants a pair of red shoes. Mary came in. He might not be happy. He took back everything he said. Would three o'clock be all right?

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